Connecting travelers who have extra luggage space to people with shipping and shopping needs.

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How It Works

Find a matching traveler or sender

BuddyExpress matches travelers with extra luggage space to senders who need to send packages along the same route.

Agree on a delivery fee

Traveler and sender negotiate a delivery fee using BuddyExpress. Payment information is provided to BuddyExpress as collateral.


Traveler carries package to destination and gets confirmation code from recipient. BuddyExpress transfers payment to traveler on successful confirmation of delivery.



  • Cheap

    Much cheaper than traditional shipping options. You negotiate your own delivery fee.

  • Flexible and Fast

    Expanded, personalized shipping options to anywhere someone travels. Anytime.

  • Protection

    Only pay if package is successfully delivered. Get reimbursed if your package is lost or damaged.


  • Make extra cash

    Make money by carrying packages you're comfortable with.

  • Travel for free

    Want to travel somewhere nice for free? Just find enough packages to deliver to cover the cost of your trip.

  • Help friends and family

    Make it easy for friends and family to know when you're traveling and can help deliver packages.

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